The Big Hill Challenge
Become The Difference

Embark on a 3-week transformative journey with Sean's Big Hill Challenge – a life-altering experience designed for self-discovery and empowerment. Start climbing your mountains today and break free from limitations. Start the challenge for a profound transformation!


Discover The Big Hill Challenge – Sean Swarner's transformative journey, meticulously crafted for profound change. More than a program, it's a catalyst for life-altering moments, designed to empower through intentional challenges.

Guided by Sean's proven strategies, this isn't just physical; it's a compelling exploration of self-discovery and motivation, reshaping not just actions but entire identities. Break free, redefine your narrative, and embark on a journey towards a life transformed. Are you ready for The Big Hill Challenge?

TBHC Overview

3-Week Transformative Journey

Route Assesment

Starting off this challenge, we will take a Route Assessment of your current standing. Finding out where you would like to be, and getting clear on it.

Personal Core Values

After assessing, we will uncover your Personal Core Values. Diving deep and finally uncovering what it is you value deep down. These are the things keeping you attacking your goals.

Achieving Goals

Naturally, the only thing left to do is achieve the goals we have set in place. Finally breaking your paradigm of goal achieving forever! Only click "Get Started" if you're finally ready to unlock your true potential on this planet.

Big hill challenge - Testimonials

Sarah Lawson

You inspired me to love and truly live my precious life! Which, honestly, I have not been doing entirely. I made a promise to myself. I am not looking back, and I have no more regrets; I have nothing to lose! Face my fears and do everything I have been too scared to do!
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A Message From Sean
From the instant you were born, everything you saw, heard, smelled, touched, tasted, and thought was recorded inside of your brain. Whether aware of it or not, your mind has programmed itself to react and think in certain ways. Unfortunately, much of your mind's programming produces negative thoughts, which then dictates how you live your life every day.

Everything you do is the result of the repetitive programming your brain has received throughout the years. These have become your habits, your routines, your way of acting, and have become a representation of who you are. We are all a representation of repetition.

Your brain wires itself based on repetition, whether it’s positive or negative, and when you repeat something long enough, your brain believes it’s true. If you’re negative long enough, you actually EXPECT bad things to happen, you EXPECT things to not work out in your favor, you EXPECT something to go wrong, and it becomes your normal way of thinking.

Imagine you’re coming out of a coma where you remember nothing about yourself. How do you think you’d act if the doctors told you that you used to be a violin instructor? Do you think you’d react differently if you were told you were a special op in the armed forces? Think you’d see things from a different perspective?

This is going to open your mind to see opportunities, not obstacles. It’s going to help you make positive, conscious decisions based on what you want most. Through neuroplasticity, this Challenge will literally reprogram your brain for the better. The Big Hill Challenge is designed to be a lifestyle change, which will give you the long-term results you need to succeed.

You are going to decide which programs get into your brain, and since you’re reading this sentence, I can assume you want to be successful, or more successful than you are now. It begins with a conscious choice to decide. Make that decision to become who you’ve always wanted to become… now.